Wicked Weird World beyond reality timelines

Wicked Weird World beyond reality timelines

A danse bizarre between worlds In four acts

Q.A. Juyub, Star Sparkle, Druid of Tingeltangel

Fantasy & Science-Fiction


496 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783740787349


Erscheinungsdatum: 21.01.2022

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

16,66 €

inkl. MwSt. / portofrei

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Dear audience, welcome to a danse bizarre in four acts between fictional fantastic worlds.
Fans of wacky horror stories will get their money's worth in the first, 'wicked' act. In addition, there are recipes from the realm of fantasy for all gourmets - we recommend 'unicorn stew' here.
In the second act we delight our audience with bizarre crime stories and tales from our 'weird world'. The whole thing is garnished with really wacky advertisements for totally smart people or masochists. Cool articles are included for free.
In the third act we look beyond reality and delight the inclined audience with all kinds of fantasy stories. In addition, there are all sorts of fantastic odds and ends, including the religious outpourings of our atheistic druid.
In the last act, shadows from time and a surreal game with timelines await us.
Q.A. Juyub

Q.A. Juyub

Doesn't really think much of traditions and too strict beliefs are not his thing. For his beloved Starsparkle, however, he is happy to jump over many a shadow, even though it sometimes rattles violently in the box. In 2014, JU was welcomed to the Palatinate and is practicing hard for the Palatinate naturalization test. Only the catching of the Elwetritsche (you may find that in the book)... I wonder how that goes!

Star Sparkle

Star Sparkle

Starsparkle saw the light of day a very long time ago in nearby lands. she absorbed everything that was handed down to her from "old" times. Sometime on her journey through life she met JU and since then they sparkle together. She holds on to traditions and beliefs like faithfulness, loyalty, honesty and reliability and lives them regardless of the vulnerability that is given. As is known, opposites attract.

Druid of Tingeltangel

Druid of Tingeltangel

Was born on Schalke during a championship game -not from the woman, but from the footed ball. He appreciates the good things in life such as Cuban cigars, the finest whiskey and mind-expanding substances from the Netherlands - good dishes can also be made from local mushrooms.

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