The Indian Cowboy 1

The Indian Cowboy 1

The Night of the Wolves

Brita Rose Billert

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ISBN-13: 9783740785369


Erscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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The Indian Cowboy
-The Night of the Wolves-

He drives illegal car races, drinks brandy and smokes pot. Ryan Black Hawk is the king. He's clever and a real ladies' man. The young women are at his feet. But when one night two of his friends are killed in an accident, the tables turn.
The love Samantha Crying Crows gives him the strength to fight for his ranch and his horses. The Indian Cowboy's new way is rocky and wide.

Lovely books
A fate between two worlds. Exciting, realistic and at the same time touching.

Ameridian Research
A dynamic and exciting contemporary novel with profound characters.
Brita Rose Billert

Brita Rose Billert

Brita Rose Billert was born 1966 in Erfurt, Germany. She is a specialized nurse of critical care and respiratory care. A fact that also competes well in her novels. She spends her spare time with her horse in the Kyffhäuserland, Thüringen. She has made many friendships with Native Americans in Utah, South Dakota and British Columbia through her trips to the United States. This fact, the love for the horses and her job inspires her to write. Twelf novels have already been published.
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