The Alien Artefact from the Andes

The Alien Artefact from the Andes

A historical-fantastic narrative

Michael Wächter


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ISBN-13: 9783740768799


Erscheinungsdatum: 21.08.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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Peters, an astronomer from northern Germany, makes an inexplicable discovery in the sky in the Wild West. It's so incomprehensible that he doesn't dare to publish it.
Kulik, a Russian mineralogist, makes a strange find in an extraterrestrial mineral - he considers it fake.
But in Germany, in the city of Münster, the young student Jens notices the connections - a discovery that will change the course of the history of mankind.
He doesn't dare tell us about it, too.

But then Kulik's find turns out to be real. The incontrovertible proof: there is a counterpart. Intelligence agencies are chasing him. A disaster happens. His friend loses his mind. And Jens has the "Andean artifact", the proof:
There is a civilization out there in space.

And she's on the road.

To us.

((The original print version of this book was published in 2018, the English print version 2020 can be ordered with the ISBN 978-3-750281-52-3))
Michael Wächter

Michael Wächter

The author is working as a teacher for Chemistry in Germany.
He is married, has 6 children and is a part-time novelist and book author, publishing science fiction novels and non-fiction, textbooks and school books from various publishers (occasionally also some German Wikipedia articles, chemistry department);
more about the author in German at:

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