Tales From The Realm Of The Golden Tree: The Lost Kingdom

Tales From The Realm Of The Golden Tree: The Lost Kingdom

Marina Vidal de Ritter

Fantasy & Science-Fiction


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ISBN-13: 9783740778057


Erscheinungsdatum: 22.10.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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When she boards the plane to go in search of her long-lost father, anthropology student Annea never expects this to be the most extraordinary journey of her life, as she fatefully opens a dragon portal that sends her 3000 years back into a magical world, unleashing the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy. In this mysterious realm, an imminent war threatens the survival of the most advanced civilization north of the Ælben Mountains. King Asttrian of the Skyarach will stop at nothing to gain complete control over all Dragon Kingdoms, and only his bastard cousin Arachtan and the druid orders can stop him. But as long as the sword of power remains lost and the last dragon is in hibernation, there is no telling whether the rule of light or darkness will eventually prevail.

The story takes the reader on a magical journey through mythical landscapes of Europe, in a time without memory, when magic was written on every stone, every tree and every thought.
Marina Vidal de Ritter

Marina Vidal de Ritter

Marina Vidal de Ritter is an Argentinian-born writer, who lives with her family and her dog, in the country that was the cradle of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales: Germany. She has lived in several countries, speaking five languages, has worked for big and small international companies, and as a Spanish-English teacher and translator. Her true love, however, are folktales, myths and legends. Her fondness of fantasy and fairy tales, as well as of languages, was kindled early on, and it is out of this that the Tales From The Realm Of The Golden Tree Trilogy has been born. The Lost Kingdom is her debut book and the first book of the series.

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